What Are the Best Ways to Liquidate an Estate in San Diego?

There are many ways to liquidate an estate, but which option is best for you? The process can be easy or it can require a great deal of work. Here are several options to consider:

Host a garage/yard sale

If you have open availability on a weekend (or a few weekends because not everything usually sells in just one weekend), hosting a garage sale may be a good option. One disadvantage of doing a yard sale, though, is that most people are hoping to buy stuff for very little money. Don’t be offended if you get low offers for items.

Consignment stores

Don’t really care when you get the money? Sell your items through a consignment store. The store does the selling for you and take a commission for each piece sold. However, just like any retail store, sometimes it can take weeks or even months before those items will sell, if at all. San Diego has many different types of consignment stores.

Third-Party Marketplaces

If you consider yourself a little tech-savvy, are able to write great descriptions, and possess some online marketing skills, you can sell items through apps and online marketplaces such as Mercari, OfferUp, Etsy, Craigslist, and more. Your items have the potential to be seen by millions of online buyers. Liquidating your estate this way can take time because you’ll be selling piece by piece.

Estate sale auctions

If you would rather not deal with the headache of liquidating your estate, an online auction may be the best option for you. We believe it is probably the quickest and most effective way to sell items, especially if you work with an experienced San Diego estate liquidator that specializes in online auctions. You may pay a tad bit more in commissions, but all the work is done for you in a professional manner.

Keep in mind that online estate sale auctions are not just for family or loved ones who have passed away. You can enlist this type of liquidation service if you’re moving into a smaller home and want to downsize personal assets.

Throughout the years of conducting online estate sale auctions, we’ve been able to sell about 99% of items for our clients. We have an email list containing thousands of active buyers who are always shopping for collectibles, antiques, art, furniture, and more.

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