As an award winning online professional estate sale provider in the San Diego/Southern California area, we coordinate traditional estate sales with a modern twist. If you’re looking for an efficient and hassle-free liquidation experience from a company devoted to customer service, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a buyer wanting to shop estate sales, please visit our online auction website.

We Specialize in Online Estate Sales

Our team of auction coordinators have a combined 50+ years of experience in estate sales and online auctions. Through our unique and efficient process we promote your assets to a global audience.

Our modern process of online estate liquidation has numerous benefits for both the seller and the bidder. The online marketplace allows for a broader audience than your typical in-person estate sale. This allows bidders from all over the world an opportunity to participate in our online auctions. For both bidders far and near, we offer preferred shipping or local delivery to the San Diego area.

Meet the Team

Jason Hanks
GPPA, CAI, AMM-President

Favorite Stuff: Lazy days on the Colorado River, off-roading in Arizona, watching soccer & volleyball and of course backyard pool parties with the family.

At an early age, Jason liked to “wheel and deal” in order to own the things he liked. After graduating from College at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo he worked in various industries until he found what he loved in online auctions.

Christine Saltzman
Outside Sales & Appraiser

Favorite Stuff: Spending quality time with my kids and adorable grandson. Christine joined the Cal Auctions team after a very successful career in the Estate Sale industry in the Temecula / Murrieta area of Southern California.

Christine has extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles and was a familiar face at the Del Mar Antique Show doing desktop appraisals.

Jody Steinbauer
Asset Advisor

Favorite Stuff: Playing with my dogs, hanging at our pool and being around family.

Jody is a mother to a young adult named John Michael. She was a nurse before making estate sale coordination and antique buying her full time career. We are all so excited for her to marry her long time soul mate and local executive chef Jeff Rossman.

Carlos Saldana
Asset Advisor

Favorite Stuff: Spending time with family, watching and playing soccer, and long walks on the beach.

We were very excited to have Carlos join our team after his departure from Father Joe's Villages where he worked for over 25 years running the furniture warehouse and other retail stores for the non profit. Carlos is a family man with a ton of knowledge about antiques and collectibles.

Erika Villavicencio
Marketing Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Reading books, hiking, spending quality time with family, and enjoying the beautiful weather in San Diego.

After taking time off to raise her 2 children Erika decided it was time to put her marketing degree to good use. She is in charge of finding buyers for the enormous amount of assets that we sell.

Maria Palma
Social Media Consultant

Favorite Stuff: Writing, painting, traveling, and spending time with family.

After working in sales and management for 13 years, Maria followed her passion for content marketing. She is the Founder of Studio 747 Media and helps businesses with blogging and social media. When she’s not writing, Maria loves to paint.

Alex Miranda
Operations Manager

Favorite Stuff: Travel and spending time with family

Alex was the Operations Manager at Father Joe's Villages for 25 years before joining our team. He has a wealth of knowledge about vintage items and antiques. He's a jack-of-all-trades and ensures that auction preparations run smoothly.

Terry Hanks
Removal Coordinator

Favorite Stuff: Spending time with family, travel with friends/family and playing golf.

After retiring from an event planning company after 35 years of ownership, Terry now spends part of the week at a local golf course as a marshal and the other half helping Cal Estate Sales with inspections and removals.

Nichole P. Dolly
Contract Asset Descriptor

Favorite Stuff: Driving Fast with my hair in the wind.

Nichole assists us in those hard to find details about high end and unique assets. She is especially educated in jewelry and art.